A few words about us

We are a newly established branch of one of the biggest companies in Central Europe dealing with production of hardwood and softwood. The mother company has been successfully growing since 1996. The source of its success lies in constant improvement, updating production technology and following latest trends on the market. Therefore we are able to accommodate, process and service every order. At the same time we are strictly following European standards and regulations regarding safety, quality and production.

We deliver the products at the address specified. We aim to provide you with a high quality product. Our long term goal is to establish a brand whose quality, professionalism and reliability will be an everyday business. We would like You to be a part of the trusted brand you will proudly recommend.  

What we offer

• A consultation and a property examination

• Selling a high quality solid wood flooring

• Installation

• Sanding

• Finishing

• Refurnishing